Gore Ball

Gore Ball is a Word Forge Games design. Check out www.wordforgegames.com for more details!

Gore Ball is a brutal game of fantasy football - a sport dominated by Ogres and other huge hulking beasts.

Gore Ball takes the fantasy football genre of games and adds deep tactical play with a hint of realism - Grapple, hold and tie up opponents as they try to break away and exploit the strengths of your team to gain the advantage when you need it the most. Gore Ball is a fantasy sports game like no other... after all what other other sport has 3 balls on the pitch!

Gore Ball began life as a range of 28mm scale fantasy football Ogres, released by Word Forge Games in 2017. These models are now available from the Word Forge Games Website (click here). To accompany these stunning minis, additional models, numbering 5 different racial teams, with 3 sizes (Biguns, Middlefolk & Littleones) of player on each team. In late 2017 I was approached by Word Forge Games to help develop the rules to accompany these miniatures with the aim of creating a deeply tactical game which not only looks awesome, but plays awesome too.

Watch this space for information on the development of Gore Ball.


Gore Ball, its design, rules, and contents are an original work by Word Forge Games & Chris ‘Shep’ Shepperson.

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