Hi all,

The campaign is over and the adrenaline buzz of it all has finally left my body. Unfortunately it has left behind the man flu. Boo. Between the snot and the headaches I wanted to find 5 minutes to give you an outlook on what the process looks like from here on out, so here is an overview...

1. Today (13/12/2016) I have contacted the manufacturer with the final specs and some last minute questions to allow ensure the rest of the process is as smooth sailing as it can be.

2. Kickstarter are due to release the funds to me on or around Christmas Eve. I expect some processing delays given the time of year, but expect to have the funds available to me before New Years. There has been a surprising number of failed payments/card declines so far and those people have 5 more days to correct their payments via Kickstarter or miss out. A few people of been in touch already and sorted it out, so I'm hopeful that no-one is going to miss out on the game!

3. Over the next few weeks I'll be finalising the files and talking with Simon with regards to preparing everything for print. The majority of this work was done pre-campaign, but some additional contents and tweaks needed adding to the rules, along with the supplementary rules sheet for our two new mini-expansions. once the final formatting of files is done we'll be ready to print.

4. Backer surveys will go out at this time to confirm which add-ons people wanted and to obtain the names for etching on wooden box versions. The neoprene mats are limited to the campaign and I do not force a great deal of left over stock so it's important for me to confirm the numbers on these before we go to print.

5. Send the files to print. I should expect a full quality manufacturing sample a fortnight later, which I will take plenty of pics and video of. This will be an important part of the process and allow me to quality check the game I'll be delivering to you. Once this is confirmed the full production rule will proceed. At this time, the wooden boxes will also be given the go-ahead (these are manufactured in the UK).

6. Completed games, play mats and boxes will be shipped to the Games Quest Fulfilment Centre where they will be processed, packed and despatched around the world.

7. Somewhere along the way, the finalised rules will be going to translators to work on a number of other language versions of the rules for download.

I am committed to keeping you all in the loop every step of the way. I shall report back very soon!

Thanks all,

Shep - Half Wing Games