Hi all,

I hope you are all back into the swing of things and 2017 is already shaping up to be a fun year!

I've been very busy over the last week or so and we've come a long way already towards that final goal. The road to manufacturing is well and truly being walked! 

So, what has been happening?

1. I have signed the contract for manufacturing with Bang Wee. There have been a few people fighting for the business at the last minute, but throughout the process Bang Wee have provided incredible communication, very competitive pricing, a great service offer and some stunning examples of work they have undertaken. They also have the benefit of being able to order pretty much everything included in package without out-sourcing or slapping on huge MOQ's - This was a particular problem for many manufacturers with the drawstring bag, the playmat and the custom dice.

2. Files have been sent to China and have been approved by the engineers. There are 2 files I'm tweaking a touch and these are with Simon (the graphics guy!) to finalise over the coming days. Once these have been completed I'll be in a place to pull the trigger and we should have a manufacturing sample of the game and playmat in around 10-14 days from this point.

3. I have spoken with Basically Wooden here in the UK who are producing the gorgeous wooden boxes for those backers who went for that option. We have finalised the artwork and manufacturing details and I will soon be gathering your names (and how you want them spelling!) so I can get that part of manufacturing started.

4. I have signed the contract for fulfilment with GamesQuest who will be handling the receiving of the game from China and the fulfilment to all you awesome backers. GamesQuest has a strong background in doing just this and have handled some high profile campaigns before me. I have absolute confidence in them getting your games to you in a fast and safe way.

Other non-Package!? related stuff (skip this bit if you're not interested!)...

I've also been busy working on a few other things in the background:

5. As of this week I am going to be working as a part of Ludorati in Nottingham, UK. Ludorati is a 'board game cafe' and creative games hub in the middle of my home town. Ludorati was one of the outlets who were very supportive of Package!? in the early days, putting it in front of people to play all the time, and for that I am hugely thankful. I joined their 'Design Factory' process some months ago - a regular meeting of local designers, getting together to refine ideas and create new games as a collective - A very cool weekly meet. This is where I met Rollie Tesh. For those of you who do not know Rollie, he was one of the designers behind Decipher Inc's Star Wars and Star Trek CCG's and has also had a large number of his designs published by companies such as Gamewright. Rollie had made Ludorati his home for 6 months, but today, has had to return to the US (his visa was up!) and has no immediate plans to return. In lieu of Rollie, I will be at Ludorati a day or two a week, working on designs, helping customers learn new games that they may not otherwise take off the shelf, and helping to create more scenarios for their new 'Escape The Cube' offering. My thanks to Nick @ Ludorati for inviting me to join the team. Link -> http://www.ludoraticafe.com

6. I am now (pending the admin being completed) listed on the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) in the UK as a qualified Hypnotherapist, Mind Coach & Smoking Cessation Therapist. This is something I've been studying hard for over the last 12 months and have finally earned the right to start seeing clients. I am currently working on a way to roll games into the therapy process!

Thanks all. As soon as the manufacturing is underway I'll report back!

Shep - Half Wing Games