Hi all,

I’m really excited to announce that I am joining the mighty SFR in the position of ‘Community & Strategy Coordinator’. However, in keeping with the spirit of the company, I have suggested we amend this title to, ‘Shep - High Wizard’. I’m currently waiting on confirmation of this change.


Many of you will be well aware of SFR as the publishers of the legendary Dragon Dice, the game originally bought to market (when I started playing it!) by TSR, over 20 years ago. SFR also produce Daemon Dice, another hugely respected dice roller.

I will be working with SFR to reignite the fires of Dragon Dice, and initially bring a full reprint of the legendary Swamp Stalkers to Kickstarter later this year. Swamp Stalkers were one of Dragon Dice’s most popular races, but have been out of print for many years. Following regular call and demand from players around the world, we think this is the right time to bring them back!

I am really honoured to be involved in SFR over this project – I was a player of Dragon Dice in my teenage years and after a long break, got back into the game to see that SFR had done an incredible job of balancing its mechanics and streamlining the rules for both new and advanced players. Being involved in the future of one of your all time favourite games is really special feeling.

Over the coming weeks and months, I’ll be revealing more information about what we have planned, as well as arranging a number of opportunities to try the game out here in the UK (and hopefully working towards getting more demo days arranged else where around the world). If you have any questions about Dragon Dice, Swamp Stalkers, the upcoming project or anything else at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Check out SFR online and on Facebook.

Big love,