Thank you all so much for making this game a reality. The expression, "I couldn't have done it without you", is fairly over used, but in this instance it's pretty damn apt!

As a first time creator it's a daunting experience. Despite swallowing up mountains of information from those who have walked this path before me and putting in countless hours of prep, there is still this great fear - What if no one backs me? What if the play testers were wrong and no one like the idea of the game? What if, what if, what if. To be able to open yourself to the world of crowdfunding and receive feedback and input from backers is a hugely powerful and motivating thing. I thank Kickstarter for providing such a platform and I thank YOU, the backers being involved and making this campaign a success.

So what happens next.

  • I am going to get some lunch and spend an hour with my family who have hardly seen me for weeks. Yay. Then back to it!
  • Kickstarter should forward your pledge payments to me in around 14 days to allow me to get the ball rolling. That'll be a nice Christmas present!
  • Over the next few weeks I'll be finalising some language uses in the rules, formatting the rules for the mini-expansions you guys unlocked and having Simon Lacey make everything look pretty.
  • Files will be prepped in between eating turkey and playing games over the Christmas period.
  • I am planning to submit everything to the manufacturers early January for them to begin prep on the production sample. As 95% of the design and layout is finished I am able to make a move on this step site quickly.
  • Backer surveys will be sent over soon so I can clarify the numbers for the play mat and to confirm the names required on the wooden boxes etc.
  • As soon as other time scales become clearer I will post them here. I want you all to be in the loop for each step of the process. There have been suggestions on polls for a few items as well. I will put some thought into these over the coming days and report back as soon as possible.

I will continue to be as responsive as possible to the comments thread on Kickstarter (as well as Facebook/Twitter etc.) so please get in touch with any questions, but please do bare with me while I get everything ready for manufacture.

Once again, thank you. You have made a dream a reality for me and that means a great deal. Plus, when my kids friends say, "what does your dad do?", they can now reply, "he makes boardgames". Serious cool dad points. Thanks all!

Big love,

Shep - Half Wing Games.