Hi folks,

Super exciting update. Games are manufactured, packed and ready to be shipped to GamesQuest for worldwide fulfilment!

I thought you'd love to see the final process so the manufacturer (Bang Wee) has kindly shot us some footage. Here are the finished games being packed and assembled for shipping...

Eeeek...... So much awesome in a little box! The packing line is followed by the last step - shrink wrap and boxing up...

Now they're all boxed and ready they look something like this...


So, what happens now?

Good question! After much research and head-scratching I have settled on air-freight to move the game from China to GamesQuest in the UK. This means delivery in a matter of days as opposed to weeks for sea-freight. I hope you agree that this is awesome news! I am aware that the project has run a little later than expected for completion (I was hoping to have shaped to backers this week), but the speedy packaging and shipping of the games means I should be in a position to ship out to backers very soon.

I'll update you all again when the games have arrived at GamesQuest and started to ship to backers. 

Thanks you all again for your patience, support and passion for my project.

Shep - Half Wing Games