Wow, where did that time go!

This project has been quite a ride. Thank you to each and everyone of you for backing, sharing, supporting and spreading the word about this project. It's a success because of all of you and I seriously appreciate it. I'm totally humbled.

We are edging very close to the awesome box upgrade now, which is really exciting but those final stretch goals are also starting to look well within reach. So, what can we do to make sure you get all that extra stuff in your game?

1. Share the campaign. Post about it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your favourite discussion forum. Anywhere. Seriously, just saying 'hey folks, have you seen this?' can make a huge difference. If each person that reads this made a post about the campaign and shared the link we'd fly thorough those final stretch goals and I'd love you forever.

2. 'Like' Half Wing Games on Facebook. Click the banner below to go straight there...

This one is two fold. Firstly, it makes me feel all warm and special when people like me. Secondly, the social goal will be unlocked at 300 likes, meaning everyone will get a laser etched wooden coin (for resolving ties/who goes first etc) included in their game. If only one third of current backers click the link and throw us a like, you'll all get that upgrade. If more of you do it, then I'll feel really popular this year! Yay :)

3. Suggest us for 'Most Anticipated Game of 2017'. Board Game Geek currently has a poll for the most anticipated game of 2017. Now, I know there are some awesome games due out next year, and I'm going to struggle to compete with Pandemic Legacy: Season 2, but even so, throwing a like to the entry for Package!? there will help build some anticipation and hopefully throw a few more people towards the campaign over the next few days....

Link -> 

The link should take you straight to the entry, but Package!? is entry 278 if not.

4. Double your pledge amount. No, seriously. That would do it ;)

Once again, THANK YOU all for making this campaign what it is. I am seriously excited to deliver you a great game. As always, if you have any questions or comments please leave them below, drop me a PM, or head over to the comments thread. I have learnt so much from the experience of running this project, not only from actually doing it, but also from listening to the great feedback and comments received here on KS. You guys rock.

Lets end this campaign with a BANG!

Big Love,