Hi all!

Lots of new artwork for you. Lets have a look!

Here is a peek at the various cards we now have included in each copy of Package!?

First up is the double sided reference card. This card details all the moves and options available to each player throughout the game. Thanks to an early stretch goal unlock and feedback from you all, there are now 4 of these included with each game. These cards are double sided and are sized at 89 x 127mm (Large Tarot size) making them very easy to read:

Next up are the 5 mini location cards which you all unlocked, and again, which are included as a result of backer feedback. These offer a clean, simple way to number your locations on the tabletop without detracting from the gameplay. Cards 4 and 5 include a prompt reminding you that each player can only score for 3 of their packages at these locations. These are sized 68 x 45mm (Thats 'Mini Euro' in case you wanted to sleeve them!):

And finally, we have the score summary card. This details the end-game scoring, covering the bonuses and a scoring example to help work out the important bit at the end - Who won!!! This, like the reference cards, is printed on a 'Large Tarot' card making it super easy to read:

I hope you all like the look of the reference material above. Next up is the awesome play mat.

The play mat will measure 200 x 250mm, making it more compact than most play mats, but large enough to fulfil the needs of a game of Package!? whilst spreading out a little! Why that size? Well, it's almost the size of an original iPad and when Package!? was born I stated to a few people that it was "small enough to play on the back of an iPad". It seemed fitting. 

Fancy a peek? OK...

The play mat will be made from high quality neoprene with a detailed design on one side. During the course of this campaign there have been a number of comments requesting some degree of 'theme' to be developed from Package!?'s abstract nature. A number of options have been discussed with both backers and manufacturers and whilst many options were not viable, the reality of the play mat has given us that opportunity. As such, the play mat is 'lightly themed', matching the box and existing artwork and following the 'delivery' concept. The artwork displays a row of houses (or rather spaces to place your wooden locations), with garden paths leading up to them (for your pawns) and gardens for your packages (well, my postman regularly throws mail over the gate anyway!).

The locations are identified from left to right by the path style/number of slabs leading up to it. Like the mini location cards included with the game, locations 4 and 5 also have the prompts to remind players that only 3 of their packages at those locations will score points.

My thanks to Simon Lacey (the awesome dude doing the graphics) for capturing the abstract feel of the game and injecting some character into it. I hope you all like the design!

Thanks you all for making this project what it is!


Project link -> https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/334979400/package-an-abstract-tabletop-game/