Hi all,

I hope everyone is well, and playing lots of games. I just picked up the expansion for Legendary Encounters: Aliens - sooooo damn hard! Anyway, thats not what why we're here.

Package!? - The sampling is well underway. Printed samples of the box and rules should be sorted within a couple of days, closely followed by a printed sample of the cloth bag and the playmat as well. Colours for the wooden components have been selected and references sent. 

I received the following photo form China today, and while it doesn't show much (a bag of all white components, unprinted cloth bag and some colour examples of random wooden pieces), what it does show is the very first (actually, first 4) engraved dice. These are all white, but DAMN, they look sweet...

The other coloured dice, along with the coloured wooden components should follow soon. This image shows the wooden pieces as I sourced from Germany for the prototypes and review sets of the game, and which the manufacturer is trying to replicate as close as possible:

Once the printed samples arrive in my hands, I'll post more pics. I expect the next update not be just a few days. Watch this space!

Thanks all!

Shep - Half Wing Games