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Hi All,

Welcome to Package!?

Package!? is an abstract strategy game, designed with very quick play (roughly 5 minutes a game) in mind, and is played without the need for a board, or a great deal of space. Each player is responsible for depositing a number of packages to 5 different locations, as well as moving packages about between these locations, and creating openings to remove opposing packages from the game. Each turn the current player will roll the die, and take one of the available actions dependant on the number rolled, taking into account the current location of the player, and the number of opposing packages at surrounding locations.

Points are scored for each package left in play at the end of the game depending on its location. When all players have placed their packages, the one with the most points is declared the winner… Simple. Sort of!

Package was born from my love of small, quirky abstract games. Titles such as Urknall: The Big Bang, where minimal components are used without a board, but combined with some strategic decision making, is a great example of where the inspiration for Package!? comes from.

The game will come with quality wood components in vibrant colours, and a single D6. This approach to game making allows for beautiful games in a highly cost effective way, meaning they cost you less, but you still get all the fun! No need for a board, no need for much space and no need for much time. Package!? is an awesome think-y filler game.

Watch this space for Kickstarter launch details soon!

Link to Package!? on Board Game Geek.

My thanks to the talented Simon Lacey for his hard work on the artwork for the game.