Hey everyone!

I have just updated the campaign with the final 2 stretch goals! Following backer feedback I delved back into some of the optional game modes that were left out of Package!? during the early days. Some of these ideas were very cool and were well loved by the play testers, but it was 'too much' for the base game so I reluctantly shelved them. With all the requests for more content I grabbed my favourite 2 of these 'add-ons' and got them out to play testers again last week.

Following some serious gaming these 2 add-ons seem as well liked now as they were when I created them. As such, both the 'Über Package' and 'Shadow Pawn' add-ons are now up as stretch goals. Each 'super mini-expansion' adds an additional component to the game as well as a supplementary rules sheet for using these optional extras.

 At £6750 we get the Über Package - A special package which belongs to no one. It enters play on the first roll of a 6 during the game and remains there, moving each time a specific trigger occurs. During the game it's effects are limited, but once the game ends the Über Package radically changes the allocation of points at the location it occupies AND any adjacent locations. This game addition pushes players to spread their package and avoid trying to capitalise on one location. Just when you think you've won... The Über Package lands!

 At £7250 we get the Shadow Pawn - This add-on brings an additional pawn into the mix, but one that is not controlled by a specific player. During the game, the Shadow Pawn moves between locations, stopping players at the same location from using certain bonus moves. At the end of the game, The Shadow Pawn counts as another player pawn, cancelling the bonus points earned for any other pawn present with it. This means extra chances to screw your opponents over... or for them to screw with you!

The Über Package and The Shadow Pawn can be used independently or together allowing for even more variation within the game. As with other components, these will be high quality, lightweight, wooden components.

More info on these two additions will be revealed soon!