Hi all,

I ‘ve been a bit quiet for the last month or so – apologies! Just before the Xmas break I promised you all a big update on what was happening in the world of Half Wing Games, so here it is:

"Half Wing Games, its current catalogue and release schedule is now owned by Word Forge Games and will be operated as a part of their portfolio going forwards".


Wait… what!? Yep! Now, that sounds pretty scary, but really it isn’t... It’s totally awesome. Allow me to explain…

Last year I announced that Schism, the game I’ve been banging on about for the last 18 months, had be licensed to Word Forge Games and would now be a 2018 release for them, rather than for HWG. Deep down I knew that I was more of a designer than a publisher, and after meeting Mark from Word Forge at Essen last year, our relationship flourished to a point where it just made sense to work with them. My plans at that point was to license out designs of my ‘larger’ games to other publishers (as is the ‘traditional’ games designer route) and to publish a range of abstract games as HWG to follow my 2016 release Package!?, the next abstract would be AOX which many of you have seen and a few reviewers have already got their hands on.

Over the last few months, whilst working with Word Forge it became apparent that Mark really ‘got’ where I was going with games design. This led to a few conversations and some game playing, which eventually ended up with me licencing AOX to them as well. The more I thought about it, the more I realised I’d prefer to spend the time I would otherwise spend on running a campaign and arranging manufacturing and showcasing, on designing more games. Mark also expressed an interest in package!?, seeing it’s potential to go much further than I had managed to push it under my own steam and we agreed terms for them to licensing that game for future reprints.

So, with Package!?, AOX and Schism all now in the hands of Word Forge, that leaves the Half Wing catalogue and 2018 release schedule empty. As such, we agreed that the name be handed over to Word Forge for them to use, in the first instance to continue driving Package!? Which is branded HWG.

In real terms, all this exciting news means what for Half Wing Games as we know it?

  • The current Half Wing Games facebook & twitter will be ‘rebranded’ to be ‘Games by Shep’ (or words to that effect). This will allow me to still communicate with you all about the games I am working on, have a place to showcase them and to be more ‘creative’ and less ‘business’ driven in my communication.
  • This website will also be rebranded as above.  The HWG domains will either redirect to this new site, or to Word Forge Games (TBC).
  • Package!? Is now sold out via myself. Remaining stock will be handled by Word Forge Games, with a view to distribution into retail. Please contact Word Forge Games if you wish to purchase a copy of Package!?
  • AOX and Schism will both be 2018 releases, published by Word Forge Games (but with my name on the box!). I will still be involved in the campaigns for these games.
  • Half Wing Games will not be exhibiting at events in the coming year, instead for the likes of the UKGE and Essen, I hope to be demoing my designs at the Word Forge stand, or actually seeing some of the show and hanging out with folks!

In addition to the games mentioned above, I am really excited to be working along-side Word Forge Games on other projects as a designer and developer. Details of these projects will be revealed in due course. I am also working with a publisher on a new RPG set in the Schism universe. This is really exciting for me to be able to branch out the word I created for the board game. There will be big news around this project in Feb/March. Finally, I have 2 other designs (one light, one so heavy it could kill an elephant) which I’ll be releasing more information about over the coming months as we move into play testing – I’ll be sharing some aspects of these games with you before they go to publishers so stick around to get in at the ground floor. I’m really excited about communicating with you all primarily as a ‘designer’ rather than a ‘publisher’.

I’d like to thank every single person that has pushed me this far, everyone who backed Package!?, expressed an interest in Schism and AOX, to every single Twitter ‘follower’ and Facebook ‘like’ that continues to interact with me on those platforms. Games are a vital social tool and knowing that you are all there makes creating them so much more rewarding.

Big love,

Shep (formally ‘Half Wing Games’).