We've just edged past the £5250 mark, which means every copy of Package!? will now include 4 custom engraved dice instead of 1. Why share a die when you can have one each, right?

Thanks so much everyone for getting us this far! 

Up next is the super sexy box upgrade. When we hit £6250 the game box will be printed with gorgeous spot UV (one of my favourite printing styles), giving us a lush matt box, with high gloss text and lettering... pure class! In addition to this, all of you awesome limited edition wooden box owners will be getting your names etched onto the boxes (of course, I'll check what name you want adding in the backer surveys at the end of the campaign!).

I have a couple of other awesome stretch goals lined up for you as well and will be announcing the next one very soon!

Thanks all,


Check out the campaign here -> https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/334979400/package-an-abstract-tabletop-game