We've done it... blown stretch goal 4 wide open. Now each copy of the game will include 5 mini location cards for your wooden locations to be numbered on your playing surface as well as showing some other key info. Graphics for these will be revealed very soon.

This stretch goal came via feedback from you, the backers, on the comments thread on the Kickstarter campaign. Pat yourselves on the back for gently persuading me to include these in the game. If you have not yet been involved in the discussions there yet, please do... it clearly makes a difference!

Unlocking this stretch goal also means the next 2 have been revealed!!! These are...

At £4500 each copy of the game will include a score summary card, printed on the same 'large tarot' sized cards as the quick reference cards. This will make working out scores at the end of the game super easy without referring to the rules leaflet. You'll notice this is a short hop too... we'll unlock this in no time!!!

At £5250 each copy of the game will now include not 1, but 4 (!!!) custom dice. Remember that beautiful custom die we unlocked £1500? Well, when we hit this baby, we'll be including one of each colour to match the player colours (white, green, pink, yellow). Want to know just how lovely that will look? OK...

 I hope you all want Package!? to include those beauties as much as I do!!!!

Thank you all so so so much for pushing the campaign this far. Please send us a like on Facebook (click the banner below to jump straight there)... don't forget that once we hit 300 likes you'll all be getting a lovely laser cut wooden coin in your set for free.

I appreciate all the messages and feedback I've been getting. Keep it coming.