AOX is due for release in late 2018 by Word Forge Games. Check out for more details!

AOX is a traditional-style abstract strategy game for 2 players.

In AOX, players take turns moving tiles in an attempt to defeat their opponent in one of two ways:

1. Capture 3 of the opponents tiles
2. Move a triangle tile into a highlighted space on the opponents board edge

However, neither of these conditions are easy to achieve, as each turn a player may only move specific tiles as designated by the tokens drawn from their bag. In addition to this, the active player each turn will have the option to strategically 'swap' a token with the opposing player, changing the number of each type of token in both players bags, thus shifting the odds of being able to move certain tiles. AOX is a game of strategy, patience and balance.

The gameplay and concept of AOX is very simple, though the level of strategic depth is great.


AOX, its design, rules, and contents are an original work by Chris ‘Shep’ Shepperson. Additional game development by Adam White.

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