I'm Shep. I love playing games. A lot. I spend most of my life playing, thinking about and designing games. One day I decided it was time to actually make some games...


This website started with a different name - Half Wing Games - it had one focus: to create and develop games that people would want to play and keep on playing. As a self-publisher I was not bound by genre or style and I didn't want to 'specialise' in this or that. I just aimed to concentrate on putting out titles that I thought were totally awesome/gorgeous/fun/'enter other suitably cool word'. Of course in the early days I was totally biased as the ideas were all mine.

In 2016 I crowdfunded my first game, Package!?, which was fulfilled to backers in early 2017 and is now available in some retailers (though I've sold out!). During the time I was fulfilling Package!?, I was also putting the finishing touches to my next game, Schism. I took Schism to the UK Games Expo in 2017 and it was met with very positive feedback from players and other publishers. Fast forward many months and after numerous conversations I signed a licensing deals with Word Forge Games for Schism, AOX (a new abstract I had been working on) and the rights to reprint Package!?. With the Half Wing Games roster now empty with the exception of early development titles, I also made the decision to move the name 'Half Wing Games' over to Word Forge for them to operate as a subsidiary of their company (it made sense given that Package!? has 'Half Wing Games' on every box).

This means that as of 2018, I am operating exclusively as a games designer and no longer being involved in games publishing! This is important for 2 reasons:

  1. I'm a better designer than I am a publisher, and,

  2. I'm a better designer than I am a publisher.

Now I know that strictly speaking thats only 1 reason, but it's such a big one that I thought it was worth mentioning twice. The publishing world is a tough one. I learnt a great many things publishing my first game and have huge respect for those involved in that industry, but it is clear to me that my love and passion is on making games and not manufacturing, shipping, selling and promoting them!

Following that decision, I rebranded this website (along with relevant social media) to be 'Games by Shep', a place to show and discuss games design and my current catalogue regardless of which publisher it sits with.

I genuinely hope you love playing my games as much as I love making them. If you do, then please get in touch and tell me. If you don't, get in touch anyway and tell me why so I can do a better job next time. 

If you want to keep in touch on social media you can do so here: 

In addition to designing games and working on board game and RPG writing for a number of publishers, I am also one of the directors of Nightfall Games; the publisher behind the SLA Industries RPG.

If you have any questions about me, my games or anything else you think I can help with, then please get in touch using my contact form and I'll get back to you as soon as I stop playing games. Please note that I am also available for free-lance work on in-house games design projects. If you believe I can be of assistance to your design or publishing company, then please get in touch.

My current games CV looks like this (published or soon-to-be):

  • Variable (Writer - Magoria Studios)

  • SLA Industries: Cannibal Sector 1 (Rules Developer/Content Writer - Nightfall Games)

  • Devil’s Run RPG (Content Writer - Red Scar)

  • Dragon Dice (Rules Developer, V4.0 Rules - SFR, Inc)

  • Infinity, the role-play game (Content Writer - Modiphius)

  • Package!? (Designer - Half Wing Games/Word Forge Games)

  • Schism (Designer - Word Forge Games)

  • AOX (Designer - Word Forge Games)

  • Gore Ball (Designer - Word Forge Games)

  • Devil's Run (Rules Developer, Campaign Rules - Word Forge Games)

Big love,